You may be about to commence a large-scale building project, or perhaps you are looking for steel fabricators for a smaller, more bespoke private project.

Here at BridgeFAB, we use the latest technology along with our team of expert fabricators to provide the best structural steel, metalwork, and maintenance contracts, as well as top-quality installation and erection services.

Read on to find out more about steel fabrication and why BridgeFAB is one of the most reputable steel companies in South East Queensland.

Structural Steel for New Buildings

BridgeFab has created and installed hundreds of quality steel structures for new building constructions from aged care homes, to shopping centres and even multi-unit high rise apartments.

Our team of highly skilled steel fabricators is specially trained to use a number of techniques, quality products, and state of the art technology for a wide range of new building projects. Here at BridgeFAB, we have a commitment to new technology and regularly review and undertake training in new technologies that can further improve our services.

We also work closely with architects to ensure only the best possible end result for all projects, large or small.

Boutique Steel Fabrication

Boutique steel work involves the use of advanced techniques and technologies in order to produce metalwork that is completely custom and often out of the ordinary. For example, our work on UQ’s Global Change Institute employed the use of structural steel crafted to look like trees.

Having the ability to undertake boutique-style metal fabrication (both small and large scale) for our clients is what helps BridgeFab stand apart from the rest. Our full-service company can take a client’s initial sketch and turn this into a 3D working model before commencing the engineering, fabrication, and installation work.

We also use a wide range of high-quality steel supplies including stainless steel and aluminised steel for our intricate metalwork such as handrails or park bench seats. For complex projects, you can rely on BridgeFAB to provide exceptional service and quality results.

Steel Fabricators Brisbane

Not only does BridgeFAB provide a full-service, 7-stage process in order to achieve outstanding results for all projects, but we also offer a twelve-month warranty to guarantee our workmanship.

If you would like to find out more about BridgeFAB’s projects or if you would like to discuss a project and obtain a quote, call the team on (07) 3373 8777 or contact us today.