Architectural Steel

BridgeFab does commercial scale boutique steel fabrication

Boutique steel fabrication is taking your usual steel fabrication to another level. When we say boutique we are referring to structural steel works like UQ’s Global Change Institute. For this project, BridgeFab fabricated structural steel to look like trees adding to the forest motif of the decoration.

Being able to undertake boutique-style steelwork (both small and large scale) for our clients is what helps BridgeFab stand apart from the rest. BridgeFab is able to take a client’s sketch and produce the idea into working drawings. A 3D model is developed to give the client a visual aid to assess the idea before any work has begun. After engineering approval and client consent fabrication on the steelwork can commence. One of our four erection teams will then accurately install the fabricated steel so that the idea presented as a sketch becomes a reality.

An additional benefit in using BridgeFab is that we are able to do both the structural steel and metal work components of a job. This makes it easier for the client as there is no confusion of responsibility. Two recent examples of this are the Queensland University Chemistry upgrade and the Energex site in Rocklea.

Large-scale steel fabrication

If you are looking for a steel fabricator capable of producing commercial-scale boutique fabrication services, look no further than BridgeFab. A steel fabrication company based in Brisbane, BridgeFab uses 3D scanners and software to visualise exactly what and how we need to fabricate the steel to make it perfect down to the millimetre. Using this technology means when it comes time to erect the structure it is fast, efficient and flawless.

3D software for more accurate, more efficient fabrication and erection.

With our 3D scanners, we can overlay a photo of the existing site with a 3D image of the proposed structure. This software and technology allow us to better draft and fabricate your project in a timely fashion. The main benefit of being able to see what your boutique steel will look like overlayed on a photo is that our team can always make sure everything they are doing is accurate – down to the how many rivets are required.

Architectural Steel

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