From drafting to complete technology, we have all you need

BridgeFab offers our clients the most up-to-date software to deliver fast and accurate drawings to our clients.

3D Software that we use allows us to carry out accurate, reliable and detailed information that is necessary for an effective building information model. The software that we use is from Tekla, a company geared towards offering model-based software.

The advantage of this software is that we can integrate it into our own systems to provide our clients with models that minimise manual work and errors. This means less time needs to be spent on drafting and the actual project itself can start sooner.

Improved productivity in the steel fabrication chain

Another piece of technology that we have implemented StruM.I.S. This is a steel fabrication management software system that coordinates work processes throughout the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients.” StruM.I.S. supports our Tekla software and enables our team to access project information produced at every stage of the contract.

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