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Tekla software is used for building information modelling (BIM), specifically in the field of structural engineering and construction. It is widely used for designing and detailing steel and concrete structures, such as buildings, bridges, and industrial plants. Tekla’s 3D modelling capabilities allow users to create detailed models of structures, which can then be used for visualisation, analysis, and construction planning. The software is also used for generating accurate drawings, reports, and material lists, which help streamline the fabrication and construction processes. Overall, Tekla software is a powerful tool for improving efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration in structural engineering and construction projects.

Tekla software offers several benefits to the structural steel industry:

  • Accurate 3D modelling: Tekla allows for the creation of detailed, accurate 3D models of steel structures, enabling better visualisation and understanding of the project.
  • Improved collaboration: The software facilitates collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors by providing a centralised platform for sharing and working on project data.
  • Efficient design and detailing: Tekla streamlines the design and detailing process, reducing errors and minimising rework.
  • Optimised fabrication: The software generates detailed fabrication drawings and material lists, helping fabricators optimise their processes and reduce waste.
  • Enhanced project management: Tekla’s project management tools help manage project timelines, resources, and costs more effectively.
  • Better communication: The 3D models created in Tekla can be used to communicate design intent and construction sequencing more effectively to stakeholders.
  • Cost savings: By improving efficiency and reducing errors, Tekla can help save costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Overall, Tekla software plays a crucial role in improving productivity, accuracy, and collaboration in the structural steel industry.

Tekla software offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the structural steel industry, including advanced 3D modelling capabilities for creating detailed models of steel structures; clash detection tools for identifying and resolving conflicts; automated drawing generation for fabrication and construction; accurate material takeoff functionalities; connection design tools; and robust collaboration features for sharing models and working in real-time. Additionally, Tekla integrates with other software used in the construction industry, offers project management tools for managing timelines and resources, and can be customised to meet specific project or organisational needs. Overall, Tekla software enhances productivity, accuracy, and collaboration in structural steel projects.

Steel fabrication is enhanced

3D models allow for the entire structural steel model to be fabricated with precision.

The fabrication process will utilise plans and documents linked to the Tekla 3D model, which allows for all cuts, welds, bends and more to be supported by the intelligent fabrication management software.

We have highly experienced teams

Our designers and engineers are highly specialised in designing structural steel projects using modelling software. They take an innovative and proactive approach to drive every project and ensure our workflows are as efficient, cost-effective and timely as possible.

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