Why should you choose BridgeFab?

When you choose to work with BridgeFab, you are not just receiving the highest quality Australian steel, but you also receive our commitments to technology, excellence, safety and the community.

Commitment to new technology

BridgeFab has invested in new technologies and machinery that revolutionise the structural steel industry, enabling them to complete jobs faster, under budget and with greater precision.

Commitment to excellence and quality

Our QA procedures ensure that every steelwork member is tracked from the mill to being installed into position. Being certified to ISO9001 guarantee we do what we say by consistently fabricating steel to approved drawings, making sure you get what you ordered.

Commitment to the customer

We employ an integrated management system designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs. BridgeFab is heavily customer-service focused and demonstrates this by effectively meeting clients’ expectations throughout a project’s life.

Commitment to safety

In a high-risk steel industry, BridgeFab is continually reviewing safety in the workshop and on-site to benefit all workers. We are serious about safety and are currently in the process of certifying to ISO180000 to demonstrate our commitment to minimising harm for all involved.

Commitment to the community

BridgeFab believes in corporate governance and regularly gives to local charity and sporting events. Working with BridgeFab will ensure you are doing your bit to employ local tradesman, draftsman and receiving the highest quality Australia steel. Unlike large fabrication companies, as a family run Brisbane based business you will not see this company buying fabricated steel from China or anywhere else.

A nationally recognised company

BridgeFab are proud to be a member of the Australian Steel Institute’s Environmental Sustainability Charter! We believe in a sustainable future for the steel industry.

Contact BridgeFab

If this sounds like a family-owned business you would like to work with, contact us today or call on (07) 3373 8777.

Frequently Asked Questions

BridgeFab is a family-owned structural steel and metalwork company based in south-east Queensland, Australia. It was originally established in 2007 under the name Bridge Fabrications. In 2014, the company rebranded to BridgeFab Pty Ltd to reflect its commitment to incorporating advanced robotics and automation into steel fabrication and erection processes.

BridgeFab specialises in delivering excellence in steel fabrication and erection services for construction projects in the Brisbane and south-east Queensland region. The company leverages innovative technologies to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in structural steel and metalwork.

With a focus on quality, reliability, and craftsmanship, BridgeFab aims to provide exceptional results to its clients. By embracing advancements in technology, the company ensures efficient and precise fabrication and erection processes, maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.

As a family-owned business, BridgeFab combines industry expertise with a personalised approach, building strong relationships with clients and delivering tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements.

BridgeFab stands out from other steel and metalwork companies due to its advanced technology integration, commitment to creativity and innovation, strong track record, tailored solutions, customer focus, and regional expertise.

BridgeFab offers services in structural steel fabrication, steel erection, design and engineering, custom metalwork, advanced technology integration, project management, and on-site welding and repairs.