How does BridgeFab ensure precision fabrication?

At BridgeFab we can ensure a premium quality as we only use Australia steel to ensure premium quality. Along with our high-quality steel, we also use Tekla 3D modelling software which allows us also to organise and streamline the entire fabrication process.

Tekla is able to make the entire fabrication process efficient and ensures seamless information flows between the 3D model and production. The software always allows for easy-to-use mobile solutions.

This entire process optimises the steel fabrication process and ensures wastage is as minimal as possible by sharing information between machinery.

This allows for structural steel to be fabricated with precision using the 3D designs of the Tekla project.

Another technology that we have implemented StruM.I.S, a steel management software system that coordinates work processes throughout the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers, and clients.

StruM.I.S. supports our Tekla software and enables our team to access project information produced at every stage of the contract.

We handle unique design projects

While the new technology and machinery provide a huge range of benefits to large-scale construction projects, it can also be used for more boutique and architectural designs.

The same visual imaging and scanning technologies can be used to draft and model architectural and boutique jobs, cutting and shaping steel structures with a precision that cannot be matched through human labour alone.

Our steel fabrication process begins at the start

Project overview & 3D scanning

BridgeFab works with you to gain the scope of the project and survey the construction site to gain the exact structural steel measurements required. We will also be confirming the scope of the project, including the timing, budget and other key data, as our 3D modelling software provides such information.

3D modelling & site design

Our team will use surveying equipment and measuring technology to scope out the project. This data will be used to draft the entire project using CAD (Computer-aided design) and Tekla. This will allow us to design an accurate to scale design that shows exactly how the steel must be fabricated.

These designs will be presented and explained to project managers to allow for understanding of the structural designs and approval.

Fabrication of the steel

When the fabrication of the structural steel framework begins, BridgeFab will ensure the highest quality and standards by sticking to the plan in Tekla and using 100% Australian steel. This process involves cutting, bending and assembling structural steel.

Quality Ensured

When BridgeFab has completed fabricating structural steel, it will go through a series of stress tests to ensure its conformed to the project’s engineering and drawings.

Delivery & Installation

Steel produced by BridgeFab will be delivered on-site and installed by us. The components may require welding, in which case a team will be present to ensure the highest quality.

The entire logistics and transportation of materials will be organised by us using smart software to ensure an efficient supply chain.

Contact BridgeFab for structural steel projects

At BridgeFab we can take care of the structural steel process from start to finish – so contact us today or call on (07) 3373 8777.