For metal work, BridgeFab has skilled sheet-metal workers who specialise in steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Metalwork is the smaller area of steelwork: handrails, park bench seats, metal grates and bag racks for schools. While we predominantly do structural steel and boutique steel fabrication we also have the skilled staff to carry out the necessary metal work for a project. Need a few handrails? We can help. Better to hire one company for all your metalwork and steel fabrication needs than try to find someone for a few small jobs.

BridgeFab works with city councils for all their metal work needs

All the metal work carried out in South Bank is done by BridgeFab. All those bench seats and handrails you see around the area? That’s us. As a company capable of producing commercial quantities of quality steelwork, BridgeFab is an ideal choice for councils who need a lot of small, finer more fiddly work carried out. Essentially we have the equipment and the team that makes us the best choice for service maintenance contracts.

BridgeFab and metal work

A boutique structural steel fabrication company, BridgeFab also offers metal work. And while metal work is not a big part of our business it has proven to be an integral service we offer: it means we really are your one-stop-shop for all your metalwork needs. We’ve done metal work for schools, universities, libraries and high-rises.

Metal Fabrication Brisbane QLD

To find out more about our metal work services, please contact us today.

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