BridgeFAB is a structural steel fabrication service that specialises in many areas of metal work development, including steel fabrication and processing. These are vital procedures in creating a construction project from start to finish. But what exactly does it entail?

What is steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication is the process of creating structures made of steel. Steel fabrication is a whole procedure that involves cutting, moulding, and assembling of steel materials. This is the process that could essentially bring your vision of a project to physical form.

Projects that require steel fabrication are construction projects that include but are not limited to:

–        Building new buildings

–        Building extensions

–        Unit developments

–        Refurbishments and restorations

There are 5 steps to the steel fabrication process from examining the steel design plans, to erecting the entire structure.

The 5 steps of steel fabrication


Once we have concluded that the project plan is a possible and stable structure, we begin the process to building the steel skeleton of the design. First, we have to collect our steel materials and cut it using bandsaws, burn tables, and cutting torches.


Once all the pieces are cut, they are formed from flat, raw materials, into three dimensional shapes. This is done using punch and die machines of extreme strength.


Machining is the next step in creating a specialised shape out of the metal. In this operation, parts of the formed metal structures are removed in order to create perfectly sized custom shapes.


This is the focal point of steel fabrication, and what most people think of when contemplating steel fabrication. The welding process assembles and attaches pieces to one another. This process also involves perfecting the forms and structures of the steel by removing significant imperfections, making corrections, and de-warping the steel.


The final step where all pieces are applied the finishing touches; sandblasting, priming, and painting. The structure is thoroughly inspected for any minor imperfections and assured of strong structural build.

Throughout the process, BridgeFAB is continuously performing multiple safety checks and stability tests on our projects to ensure that you have the highest standard of steel work for your building project. We are willing to cater to each individual project whether it is a standard design or a complex endeavour. We are committed to providing the best results using the latest technological advancements and quality machinery and materials. If you are ready to get started on your next development project, feel free to contact us.