Steel processing has changed considerably in recent years thanks to some significant advancements in the industry.

3D scanning, modern machinery and new processing technologies have all helped to revolutionise the way in which projects can be completed. Find out how we use new technologies to streamline projects and save money …

How is new technology helping?

New advancements in the field of steel processing have helped to reduce project inefficiencies, as well as the overall costs on most projects. Thanks to the use of modern machinery and innovative technologies, supply chain concerns are also reduced quite considerably. New machinery allows the team to tackle projects with a greater degree of efficiency, and also tends to reduce the need for large teams of labour. Because we are able to use machinery that actually reads information and data and translates into reality with increased precision, processes are often much more streamlined than before.

How have large construction projects been improved?

In the past, a draftsperson or site engineer would have been required to manually take measurements in order to draw up a design layout. The design layout would have then been used to determine what materials were required for the project at hand. Because all measurements were taken manually, there was, of course, always the risk of human error. When mistakes were made regarding any measurements or plans, issues would arise within the supply chain.

Now, because we are able to use very advanced scanning and digital imaging technology, this issue has been resolved. We use this contemporary scanning and digital imaging technology to take a 3D snapshot of the site — this information is then used by a draftsperson to create a complete digital representation of the work site. The new machinery also works by using the data and information to cut and process the precise amount of required material to be used on the project. While traditional methods often resulted in delays and extended deadlines, overspending, and mistakes on material estimates, modern practices and new technologies mean that these issues are no longer a problem and that human error is actually completely removed from the equation.

How is the supply chain affected?

When we use modern machinery and technology, we also enjoy the benefit of simplifying the supply chain. This is because we are able to see a job through from start to finish. In fact, the overall drafting, processing and erection phases no longer need to be separated at all, so the entire supply chain process is streamlined. As a result, projects tend to run much more efficiently than before.

Besides greater time efficiency and a streamlined supply chain, contemporary technology also allows for reduced costs and labour. This means that the whole process is often much more affordable than it was in the past — less labour is required, and there is no material wastage or risk of human error.

What kinds of projects can new technology be used for?

New technology and machinery can be used for large-scale construction projects, and this is, in fact, often the preferred option nowadays. But, contemporary technology can also be used on a range of other projects, including those that call for more boutique-style work and design.

Visual imaging and scanning technologies can be used to draft and model boutique and architectural projects, and steel structures can be cut and shaped with extreme precision for beautiful results. If you would like to view some of the architectural and boutique work that we have done, take a look here.

To find out more about what we do, have a look here. We offer a wide range of services to ensure the best possible results. We have worked on projects from parks and universities to schools and hotels, and take care of the entire job from drafting and detailing to fabrication and erection. Our team is highly skilled, qualified and experienced, plus we make use of the very best modern technology so that we are able to complete processing and fabrication services to a very high standard.

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