BridgeFab works with clients from the drafting stages through to steel erection in Brisbane

Unlike many other steel fabrication companies, BridgeFab takes care of your whole project. One of things that put us at the forefront of our industry is our 3D scanning technology which allows a seamless transition from architectural drawings to our team erecting your project.

How the 3D scanning works

Using 3D scanning and drafting technology we map and plan your project before we start fabricating any steel.  We use the digital map of your project to show you a digitised copy of what your project will look like once the whole thing has been fabricated and erected.

The benefit of this digitised map is you are able to assess the projected outcome and change anything you would like. From a fabrication point of view the digital copy of the projected outcome allows BridgeFab to see exactly what needs to be fabricated and where it will go in the overall scheme of the design.

Another advantage of this technology is it minimises mistakes and makes installation more efficient and seamless.

Steel erection Brisbane

BridgeFab have four steel erection teams trained, ticketed and qualified to operate elevated work platforms who can erect your project quickly and safely. The BridgeFab erection team will travel up to an hour from our place of business in Rocklea.

3D scanning and CAD drawings for accurate steel erection

The above photos are an example of 3D scanning work we have recently down at the Ipswich hospital. As you can see we’ve mapped the intended project onto the existing space in order to firstly show the client what the finished product will look like, and secondly; so that our fabricators know which part their fabricating and where it will go in the overall scheme of the project. This is also how BridgeFab’s erection team will know the project will fit to the millimetre.

Your one-stop-shop for structural steel in Brisbane

BridgeFab stands out from the competitors because we cater to all your structural steel needs: from drafting to erection we are the company you’ll want to employ for your project.

If you would like to know more about how BridgeFab can help you with your project, or to book a quote, please contact us today.