At BridgeFab, our mission has always been to explore all the avenues that will help us to provide innovative metal fabrication solutions for our clients.

We stay abreast of the latest technologies and equipment that allows us to operate on the forefront of steel and metal fabrication. The acquisition of these technologies means that we are able to take care of your structural needs all the way from conception through to creation. We do this by staying inside of your specified budgetary limitations, on time and to the very highest standards.

We have been involved in the completion of a number of high profile projects and have helped to construct anything from universities to shopping centres and multimillion-dollar atriums, always striving to deliver timely fabrication and installation of your project. BridgeFab not only provides metal fabrication you can trust but a range of other services that ensures your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Using only high-quality tools and high-resolution 3D scanning services, we give you the foundation to bring your designs to life without wasting valuable time and resources. Being able to render your project in a 3D environment has become one of the essential steps for metal fabrication and eliminates the prevalence of human error further down the line where it becomes more and more costly to address.

Why hire an expert?

Because not only do we have our own excellent reputation to protect, but we are passionate about creating projects that are of the highest quality regardless of their size. At BridgeFab we value ethics and the pillars of our service are rooted in quality, reliability, loyalty, value, fairness and integrity. We represent excellent value for money and deliver on our promise of innovative metal fabrication.

3D Scanning Services from BridgeFab

Here at BridgeFab, we believe that a large part of being able to provide innovative metal fabrication is the integration of 3D scanning software. By combing the latest in 3D scanning and planning technology we have completely revolutionised the construction industry. This technology also puts our clients ahead of the competition in several aspects.

To date, BridgeFab is one of the only companies in Australia that has adopted this approach and we see the benefits of this cutting-edge technology in our work. Traditionally, the process of planning and executing a project relies on the absence of any human error which is an unrealistic expectation regardless of who is responsible. Removing human error from this process is one of the hallmarks of the approach to innovative metal fabrication and by eliminating it, you also eliminate the costly errors that occur on every job site.

The BridgeFab Promise

Superior metal fabrication begins and ends with a meticulous attention to detail paired with a creative perspective. Our promise to you is our commitment to the facets of metal fabrication that make a project truly exceptional. We promise to consistently do what we say, and this includes everything from initial drawing to the steel fabrication process.

Our integrated management system allows us to be incredibly client-centric in our approach to metal fabrication and we determined to meet and exceed your expectations. We are serious about safety too and are continually updating our protocols to remain in line with the latest industry standards.

Let us help you to create world-class metal fabrication projects that are cost-efficient, innovative and creative. For more information on our services or to make an appointment, please click here.