There have been some exciting new innovations in the steel industry recently.

The steel industry continues to grow and evolve, and there are now some new technologies in use that are making steel production even more efficient than before. Besides general efficiency and cost reduction, the industry is also using innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. Read on to find out more about some of the new ways the steel industry keeps improving.

Recycling is becoming more important

Steel is a material that can be completely recycled, which means that there is a lot of potential for the industry to become more sustainable with the right practices. As such, it is fairly common for manufacturers to work according to a circular economy in which scrap steel is used as an additional element in the steel making process. This reduces waste and allows for the fabrication of useful and profitable products.

Unfortunately, steel production also tends to produce considerable amounts of waste materials, including dust, fines and mill scale, all of which require careful disposal. Interestingly, a company in Italy called Ori Martin has found a way to recycle dust accumulation and other by-products of their steel making processes.

More companies are limiting their emissions

As environmental protection regulations become more and more strict around the world, steel companies are continuously looking for ways to improve their production processes to ensure that the rules are adhered to. Whenever steel is produced, a considerable amount of dust accumulates, and enters the atmosphere through exhaust air. An increasing number of steel manufacturers are now performing what is known as gas cleaning, a process in which dust is cleaned from exhaust air. Gas cleaning helps to keep steel production within the set emissions limits, making the process much more sustainable than before.

3D printers are becoming an important tool

3D printing has revolutionised the industry as the process saves both time and money. At BridgeFab, we are proud to use advanced steel processing technologies and machinery to reduce project inefficiencies, reduce supply chain concerns and reduce overall costs. While there was a time when a draftsperson or site engineer would be required to take manual measurements to draw up a design layout to determine the required materials, we now use advanced scanning and digital imaging technology to take a 3D snapshot of the site. This information can then be used by a draftsperson to create a complete digital representation of the worksite. The data is fed to the new machinery, which cuts and processes a very precise amount of material — this eliminates the risk of human error and considerably simplifies the supply chain. The use of modern technologies also reduces labour and costs and allows us to offer very competitive prices.

At BridgeFab, we are able to work on some unique design projects, thanks to new technology and machinery. Innovative imaging and scanning technologies can be used to draft and model architectural and boutique jobs, cutting and shaping steel structures with a precision that cannot be matched through human labour alone. In fact, we are one of only a few advanced steel processing providers in the country. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology in order to stay on top of new innovations and to have the opportunity to take on new and exciting projects.

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