Brisbane is gearing towards becoming an internationally renowned city. The G20’s happening in November, the city will be hosting some of the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the current Mayor is set on improving the city’s international status.

Not an international city in the legal sense, but more a city internationally renowned. A place people from all around would put on their bucket list to visit so to speak.

Legally speaking an international city is a city that is autonomous (or semi-autonomous) city-state separate from direct supervision of any single nation state—that’s not what Brisbane wants to do. An example of an international city would be Dubai, a veritable melting pot of divergent nationalities and cultures.

Brisbane, architecture and the future

Brisbane’s plans for expansion are already underway. With 2 new high-rises being approved: one of which is set to be the 3rd tallest building in Australia: falling closely behind the Q1 on the Gold Coast and the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. One of these high-rises (one of the smaller ones) will house a 5 star hotel and the taller one will be exclusively 1, 2, and 3 bedroom residences: increasing apartment numbers in the CBD by 1100.

Brisbane’s future as an internationally renowned city relies on its council giving people a reason to visit. It relies on the city keeping part of its heritage while still maintaining a sense of modernity. With more high-rises being planned and the proposals for Brisbane’s Southside to receive a facelift it is possible that before the Commonwealth Games, Brisbane has the facilities to accommodate more people. Not only that, but provide people with a reason to stay.

The future of buildings

A big part of internationally renowned cities is the look and feel of the buildings. One only has to see pictures of Dubai to appreciate the wonders of modern architecture.

The International city is home to some dazzling feats of architecture which offers a range of business activities, retail opportunities and tourist attractions.

Creating boutique steel structures is the way of the future

If you were to google images of Dubai you’d see almost sci-fi looking concept art of where Dubai is heading. This is the direction Brisbane needs to go if it wants to compete for attention in the international space.

Steel can be used for more than just bog-standard structures. With today’s tools and technology it’s never been easier to fabricate boutique steel solutions. Creative steel work, combined with an architect can produce amazing results.

A small example of this is the building at UQ. While it’s not going to dazzle and awe people in the way Dubai, New York, Tokyo does, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Allowing for more creative, innovative architecture that does not sacrifice functionality for aesthetics is the way of the future.

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