Have you ever stopped and looked at Brisbane’s transit centre?  Probably not, even if you have to walk into that building it’s not the most memorable of places…at least not for the right reasons.

In fact Brisbane’s transit centre is often voted Brisbane’s ugliest building. A fact that has played on both the Premier’s and the Brisbane Mayor’s mind. After all, no government wants one of their buildings to be considered the city’s ugliest building. And now as part of the underground bus and train (BaT) tunnel the transit centre will hopefully be reconstructed.

While it hasn’t been finalised it looks all but certain that the Brisbane City Council will purchase the building and streamline it into the new transit tunnel.

This BaT tunnel will create in excess of 1600 jobs and at its completion will double the rail and bus capacity across the Brisbane River. The plan is to turn the eyesore the transit centre is into a modern, iconic gateway for the city.

The BaT is just one of many projects being undertaken in Brisbane to help create new jobs, improve transport and move Brisbane along to being a city of international renown.

Bridgefab’s role in Brisbane moving forward

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