Our team

Meet the Team at BridgeFab Brisbane

Anthony Ridout

Managing Director

Anthony has a Batchelor of Computer & Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. As current business owner, Anthony has 15 years direct management experience and 7 years in the structural steel business.

Anthony is passionate about changing the perception of structural steel in the marketplace, as being an old traditional trade, to being one which is vibrant, cutting edge and the way of the future for building projects in and around Brisbane.

Daniel Marsh

3D scanner / Project Manager

Daniel is BridgeFab’s 3D scanner / Project Manager. Having worked at BridgeFab for many years, he is responsible for overseeing every project. Daniel will make sure your project is detailed correctly in 3D with QA at the forefront. Daniel is trained in 3D scanning and brings the latest in cutting edge technology to the building site.

Brett Leard


Brett is BridgeFab’s foreman. He has over 25 years as an experienced boilermaker and over 15 years as foreman. Brett has been with BridgeFab since the current owners first took over and is invaluable to the company with day-to-day decisions being made by his leadership.

Brett excels at managing his team and prides himself on ensuring projects are fabricated and erected on time.

Dianne Carpenter

Office Coordinator

Dianne is in charge of BridgeFAB office and accounts. Dianne has an excellent eye for detail and ensures all administration matters are handled in an accurate and timely manner.

Ian McCowat



Site Co-ordinator


Project Manager

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