We have taken on a number of tender projects with great success

The principle of tendering is to make sure true competition is achieved. This gives government bodies the chance to assess their options and determine the best company for the project.

In preparing a project tender, we use our ten years of skill, success and experience to demonstrate why you will want to use BridgeFab for your project.

Our experience and expertise when it comes to commercial projects speaks for itself

A comprehensive tender to put your mind at ease

Brisbane based BridgeFab provide all the information you need in a comprehensive quote so you can see we offer more than just steel. To see just what we can deliver have a look at our project showcase. Here you will see some of the tender projects we have successfully completed.

Public Projects from BridgeFab Brisbane


The BridgeFab team has taken on a number of tender projects in the past, each of which has been completed successfully. The idea of tendering is to ensure that genuine competition is achieved so that government bodies have the opportunity to properly and fairly assess their options in order to determine the company that is best suited to their particular project. If you are working on a public project, we encourage you to get in touch so that we can prepare a project tender for you. In doing so, we will put together a comprehensive quote to show you everything that we can offer you.

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