Everything hits the mark

Ranbury project manager Tom Moore said BridgeFab’s cutting edge, smart technology puts them streets ahead of their competitors.

“Anthony’s great; very helpful. He understands the design process really well, as well as deadlines, the processes involved and when to be involved. He really injects himself well into the process and can work well with others. It makes a difference dealing with someone like that.

“BridgeFab as a whole deliver what they promise and on time. They’re honest and professional. You couldn’t ask for a better guy to deal with in the industry than Anthony. He’s very professional and very smart. You can see that in his business as well. He’s got a lot of technology that other companies don’t have that really sets him apart. It’s cutting edge, smart technology. I really think this puts him streets ahead of a lot of other competitors.

“The steel quality is very good. You can get a lot of steel deliveries on site where there are errors, there’s things in the wrong spot, they don’t quite fit; but because BridgeFab’s steel is fabricated really well from the get-go, it shows on site. The guys can come to site, and they never have any issues with erecting on site. Everything hits the mark.

“Their staff are great. Everyone is really helpful and really understands what needs to be done. It’s a top to bottom thing. The guys in the office are very up to speed with what’s going on, and construction process, and that transpires to a really good and well-designed product, so when it comes to site, the guys on site have no issues at all when they’re erecting it. So they always have a really good attitude on site, because they know that what they’re getting on-site is going to be well designed, well put together. It’s a good atmosphere.

“They exceed expectations. And off the back of this, I have used them on several different occasions across a couple of different companies, and now I’m actually using them to do some private work as well.

“We always make variations and it’s always handled well. They’ve identified issues in designs before and let us know straight away what the impacts were going to be and helped us come up with a solution for it. It’s because of the technology they employ. They can see how everything’s working, and they really do it well. It gives you foresight.

“I’d absolutely work with them again and recommend them to other companies.”

Ranbury is an independent project advisory with offices based in Brisbane, Sydney and Mackay.

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