JM Kelly

They exceeded my expectations

JM Kelly site manager Paul Fellows said he found BridgeFab was one of the easiest steel companies he’s ever dealt with.

“Our company has been using BridgeFab for a lot of years now. We get on well with them and they make the job nice and easy. Get things done when we need them. They’re good.

“I worked on Our Lady of Sacred Heart primary school in Darra with them, and we got through the whole thing without a hitch. They were honest and professional to work with.

“Quality control from their end is great. They provide all your test certificates and everything else that is required for jobs these days, and their workmanship is of very high quality. We’ve had no issues with them whatsoever.

“Their blokes are more than willing to help out and find a solution, so that makes them very good. They’re very accommodating on site and they get the job done on time, which is exactly what we need.

“I believe the systems they’ve got in place in their workshop are at the top end of the market in terms of technology, and it shows through their fabrication process.

“They probably exceeded my expectations on this job, to be honest. I’ve dealt with a few different steel companies over the years and they are probably the easiest ones I have dealt with.

“We’ve had multiple variations, and they were dealt with immediately. Anything we had to change, they got their drawings through and pretty much got it done straight away.

“I would definitely work with them again, and recommend them to other companies.

“I haven’t had one issue with them on site whatsoever. I think they’re pretty good all round.

The JM Kelly construction company was established in 1940, and undertakes projects throughout Queensland and the north of NSW.