Herron Coorey Building Contractors

Four and a half stars out of five

Jason Malaschevsky, a project manager from Herron Coorey Building Contractors, said BridgeFab work with integrity.

“BridgeFab great to work with, and are one of my favourite steel fabricators and installers. They’ve done some messy jobs for me, and some easy jobs, and they’ve all turned out well. I rate them pretty highly on our list of subcontractors.

“They deliver what they promise and on time absolutely every time. And if they can’t, they tell you – they’re upfront, honest and easy to deal with. They work with integrity.

“Their structural steel is made off-site, and it fits every time. They turn out a really good product. I think they have got a bit of a technological advantage with their 3D modeling.

“They definitely meet expectations and occasionally they do exceed them for me with some of the difficult jobs. I’d give them four and half stars out of five.

“Variations are handled with no problems. They’re good to deal with. I’d definitely work with them again and recommend them to other people without a second thought.

Herron Coorey Building Contractos specialise in commercial construction, though they also do the odd shed and prestige home.  The most recent project they worked on with BridgeFab was San Sisto College at Carina in Brisbane.

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