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I’ve found them to be fantastic. Nothing’s ever a drama.

Belynda Castle from Gibson Architects says BridgeFab are definitely at the cutting edge of technology thanks to their 3D surveys and imaging.

“We have worked with BridgeFab through builders, where the builders have employed them to do the structural steel work, and we’ve then had to check the shop drawings that they provide, and then give it the tick of approval, and pass it on to the engineers involved. We’ve worked with them tweaking jobs to get the best outcome for the client.

“I’ve found them to be fantastic. Because of the programs they use, they can basically throw up what you’ve drawn in 3D and you can see any issues with the steel work in relation to the rest of the building immediately, so it’s really easy to resolve any problems.

“BridgeFab are definitely at the cutting edge with their 3D surveys, and their 3D images.

“They deliver what they promise on time, and they’re up-front honest and professional

“When we’ve gone to site and done our checks from an architectural point of view, it all looks good. If there are any changes needed, it’s been done.

“I’ve only had minimal variations and they’ve been handled well. Their staff are very professional. I’ve mostly dealt with Anthony. Nothing’s ever a drama.

“Usually problems have been seen before the erection of steel, so it’s mostly just talking things through on the phone. They’re good to communicate with, easy to communicate with, Usually things are sorted out before site.

“I’m very happy with BridgeFab, would definitely work with them again, and recommend them to others. I have found that they exceed expectations.

Gibson Architects are a Brisbane based architectural firm who do a mixture of commercial and residential projects, working on just about anything from hospitals to schools, houses, and office.

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