They had the right men on the job, it was just smooth sailing.

David Johnstone from Deluca said BridgeFab had the correct man power to meet program.

“BridgeFab are engaged to do a contract for Brisbane Airport Corporation at an existing two on two building. BridgeFab got the job done. They had the right men on the job, it was just smooth sailing. Things went well.

“They are good to work with. At the beginning we are all there for the same result. You give them what they want and you get the respect and the job result you’re after.

“They delivered what they promised on time. Even to the point where we would put things on them at late notice. There were variations that the client would put on us that afternoon, and the boys would action those variations very promptly and in a timely manner.

“They were absolutely honest, upfront and professional and the quality of the material was fine. It was treated and blasted as accorded, as it is meant to be done. BAC inspected all their steel work. Again, no issues

“I believe they are at the cutting edge of technology. They exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to other companies.

Deluca are a Brisbane-based construction company delivering residential, commercial, retail and industrial construction projects all around Australia.

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